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HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT Staying motivated and productive while working from home
Due to COVID-19, many people are now working from home. By following these tips, you can stay motivated and productive during these challenging times.
BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTION Practical Preparation for PDPA Compliance
Organisations must effectively assess their personal information collection and use practices to comply with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act.
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Navigating the risks of client acceptance
In a time of political and economic uncertainty, people are willing to call out poor conduct more than ever before. For organisations around the globe, this
Human capital development Strength through diversity: The power of an inclusive work culture
In our increasingly globalised world, having diverse employees and an inclusive work culture can be a massive source of strength for an organisation.
TAX AND LEGAL Complying with the PDPA – A Balancing Act
Organisations must be aware of the circumstances in which they are allowed to collect data to comply with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act.
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REPORT (IBR) Women in Business report 2020
Grant Thornton’s 2020 Women in Business report outlines how the Blueprint for Action is bring used to bring more women into global business leadership.
BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTION Empowering employees to empower the organisation
By empowering employees, eliminating waste, and improving processes, organisations can prosper in today’s rapidly changing landscape.
CYBER SECURITY Ransomware: not new and could happen to you
Though ransomware is not new in the cybersecurity space, its implications can have substantial impact on businesses.
Human capital development Investing in the organisation’s most important asset
Investing in human capital development drives growth as it improves the collective skill, knowledge, and capacity of the organisation’s employees.