Provision of temporary accounting resources.

From time to time, companies find themselves looking for temporary accounting resources. Often this is because of staff leaving, pressures at month-end and quarter-end, or specific short-term projects the company is undertaking. Typically a company would not want to pay normal hourly rates to professional services companies for these employees given the expense involved. They would prefer short or medium term contracts with reasonable rates.

At Grant Thornton we have over 230 highly experienced accounting professionals at all levels. They are highly skilled, well trained, productive, service minded and work very well in teams. They also bilingual, speaking both English and Thai.

Our insourcing services offering:

  • Program management officer
  • Executive advisory
  • Finance & accounting insourcing
  • Purchasing & sourcing insourcing
  • Human resources insourcing
Ratna Wright
Partner - Business Consulting
Ratna Wright