Thailand leader Sanjay Sachdev


Grant Thornton Outsourcing: Save money, save time, do it better, do it right

Grant Thornton is one of the leading outsourcing firms to dynamic organisations in Thailand. We focus on four highly complementary areas:

Outsourcing: Saving our clients’ money

All across the world, in every type of business, transactional and repetitive tasks which do not add any value to the core business are outsourced. This is true in accounting and finance too. We operate Shared Service Centres in Thailand for every size of business, from doing most finance and accounting functions for a listed company, all the way to doing payroll for small companies just starting their business.

We ensure a continual level of service to our clients using our skilled and service-oriented team, removing the headache of trying to retain staff, whilst ensuring a high quality and reliable service.

Insourcing: Saving our client’s time

We also provide highly experienced temporary accounting staff when our clients have peak periods or when staff leave. Typical engagements are a few weeks up to a few months. Our staff work over a variety of finance and accounting functions and levels. Learn more about our insourcing capabilities.

Process Improvement: Helping our clients do it better

In today’s dynamic environment, leaders now need to boost productivity while lowering costs just to remain competitive. Volatile financial markets, regulatory changes, increased competition and disruptive technologies can all make it harder for today’s organisations to grow. Organisations that foresee and adapt faster to change will secure the competitive advantage required for growth.

We believe that almost every business process can be improved. We improve your efficiency and productivity by looking at your business processes and helping prioritize important improvements. Grant Thornton help you remain competitive in today’s dynamic environment. Learn more about how we can help improve your business processes.

Internal Audit: Helping our clients do it right

Internal audits bring incredible financial value to the organisation. It can help by reducing overall compliance costs, identify fraud and corruption, preparing for required statutory processes, reducing risk, evaluating supply chains, ensuring budgets are spent and recorded correctly, and identifying cost containment opportunities by process improvement initiatives. Management can expect internal audit to deliver real tangible financial returns to the business.

Grant Thornton understands these demands and offers internal audit services that can not only help you create and implement internal controls that safeguard your business assets, but also increase the efficiency, effectiveness and overall performance of your business processes and the internal audit function itself. Learn more about how we can help with your internal audit needs.