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Businesses change. Every business faces unique and complex challenges: successful businesses navigate change, while growth businesses shape it.

Digital transformation represents one of the most significant and current opportunities in the business environment to deliver growth and increase value across the whole organisation.

Organisations in sectors such as Financial Services and Online Retail are leading the way, developing solutions which engage clients, staff and products or services into one efficient business process, securing customer engagement, maximising revenues and providing a total view of the business operations and the organisations keys to success.

Less mature digital sector businesses need to learn from, and recognise, digital success and transform their ways of working across the business. From the planning stage we can assist and guide through the fundamental challenges:

  • what are the strategic digital goals and opportunities for the business
  • what investment and resources are needed and what is the business case
  • what business processes change will be required to leverage the digital benefits
  • what technology environment, systems and data architecture is needed to meet the business plans 

Grant Thorton Business Consulting offering:

  1. Management consulting
    • Strategy development & design thinking workshops
    • Digital transformation
    • Organisation restructuring & change management
    • People & high-performance culture development
    • Process, policy & procedure development and improvement
  2. Strategic outsourcing
    • Shared Service Center (SSC)
    • Payroll outsourcing & administration
    • Treasury outsourcing
    • Finance & accounting outsourcing
    • Human resources outsourcing
    • Compilation of financial statements
  3. Strategic insourcing
    • Program management officer
    • Executive advisory
    • Finance & accounting insourcing
    • Purchasing & sourcing insourcing
    • Human resources insourcing