The changing landscape

Energy markets worldwide are undergoing major changes.The energy and resources cycle has entered a phase of cost cutting and preserving cash. In this environment, smaller companies are working harder than ever to launch projects.

Rising costs, falling commodity prices and a skills shortage are combining to make life more difficult. Add to them increasing regulations, land rights, and environmental concerns, and the net effect is a serious squeeze on major players along with new opportunities for juniors with ready cash.

Grant Thornton helps miners, producers, investors and energy utilities around the globe plan for a future that looks very different from today. We can help you understand and navigate the challenges, and make sure you have the solutions you’ll need to capitalise on opportunities to unlock your potential for growth.

We advise on strategy, accounting, investment, finance, government policy, risk, compliance, legislation, cost management, restructuring, and international taxation.

Why Grant Thornton?

We have experienced teams advising companies across the full breadth of the energy and resources including upstream and downstream and from conventional resource extraction through to developing the latest clean technologies. Our global network means we can support you as you expand your business and provide on the ground expertise and insight.

Whether you are looking to raise finance, improve M&A post deal integration, model extraction revenues or benchmark key engineers pay, we have experienced teams able to work for the duration of the project lifecycle, and beyond.

Our Energy and resources specialists can work with you on:

  • Accessing alternative and traditional funding
  • Structuring transactions and planning for exit
  • Modelling capital projects and controlling operational costs
  • Commercialising new approaches and technologies
  • Building a sustainable business and managing key stakeholders
  • Establishing a robust Governance framework and managing risk

To learn more about our energy & resources services contact our industry leader.

As well as these global industries, many of our member firms also have in-depth knowledge of other specific industries. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how we can help, check your local Grant Thornton member firm’s website.


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