Companies, large and small, need to focus on core activities. Still, non-core activities are important, and they need to be leaner and more efficient than most companies can make them sustainably. For Grant Thornton, your non-core activities are our core business. Grant Thornton’s experienced  outsourcing team helps companies ensure resilience, improve performance, manage costs, and enhance agility in resourcing and skills. Who better to do this than an organisation with 73,000 accountants? At Grant Thornton we recognise that that outsourcing your F&A functions is a strategic decision and an extension of your brand. This means we take your business as seriously as we take our own. 


In addition to a local Business Process Outsourcing planform, we have a global footprint and suite of scalable solutions adapted to a variety of needs and situations will provide the specific skills and expertise that you need, when and where you need them. We have a strong track record of helping businesses cope with the complexities of the world. For companies looking at scaling up their operations in new markets, carving out business units, or supporting many smaller entities in complex locations, outsourcing to Grant Thornton is an ideal way to rely on a trusted partner to optimise flexibility and sustainability.


What sets us up apart in Business Process Outsoucing? Grant Thornton offers an unparalleled range of services throughout the outsourcing experience:


  • Localised solution - Where local requirements hinder consolidating services, we provide tailored solutions by leveraging our vast network of local resources and expertise.
  • Global coverage - The combination of local and regional delivery centers enables us to provide our customers with a truly global service delivery capability.
  • Transition service – Getting the transition right from in-house to outsourcer is a critical task. Done well, the operational tasks go very smoothly. We have a great deal of experience in transitions of large F&A functions to help professionally manage this process.
  • Statement of Work – the contract governing the project is crucial. We have a template and methodology for mutually agreeing the Statement of Work with mutually agreed gives and gets.
  • End-to-end process management - Our local presence and breadth of expertise give our customers the flexibility to source end-to-end processes from us whenever needed.
  • Commitment to innovation - Continuously innovating our service delivery, by means of RPA or AI, is fundamental for us to remain a relevant and strategic partner to our clients.
  • Defined service standards - We deliver against shared and measurable service and operating level agreements, under a governance model adapted to our client’s corporate culture and strategic objectives.
  • Platform flexibility - We provide our clients with the flexibility to either stay on their current ERP platform and/or use ours, which enables fragmented organisations to gain access to the latest technology.
  • Single point of contact - We provide a SPOC for outsourcing clients, increasing the controls’ effectiveness, and allowing a more responsive and adapted service.
  • Monitoring and quality control - We create shared and measurable goals with your team, using a data-driven control of the processes to detect improvement opportunities.
  • People-centric flexibility - We can offer different models to suit specific situations, including taking over teams from our clients, or delivering the service from client’s premises.
  • Work Instructions – We can document your entire F&A processes in granular detail using specialised interviewing techniques and software. We will ensure your F&A processes have accurate and detailed documentation, ensuring a smooth handover to the outsourcer.


Andrew McBean

Andrew McBean
Partner - Business Process Outsourcing
Andrew McBean