We provide practical digital transformation solutions anchored in business issues and opportunities. Our approach is not from technology but from business. We are particularly adept at assessing and implementing fast and iterative digital interventions which can drive high value in low complex environments.  Using digital solutions, we help clients create new business value, drive efficiencies in existing processes and prepare for strategic events like mergers. We implement solutions to refresh value and create sustainable change. Our solutions help clients drive better and more insightful decisions through analytics, automate processes and make the most of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Wherever possible we will leverage your existing technologies as our interest is in solving your business problems – not in selling you more software and hardware.


For finance functions we reimagine core technology and enable a digital finance function that drives strategy, bring speed and transparency to risk management, deliver speed and integrated value chain through digital transformation services, streamline service delivery and operating models through digital solutions whilst building skills of the future. Often, we employ these digital solutions to Share Service Centres once we have established them to help drive hyper efficiency in to the processes and delivery greater strategic insight to the business.


Our process includes:


  • If required, helping craft a comprehensive digital vision and strategy
  • Collaboratively assessing all digital opportunities for the organisation or in various departments whether they are back office or front office. As well as identifying these we will prioritise these together. Each high priority use will be backed by a business case for quick decision making.
  • Implementing the digital solutions identified whether they are analytics, advanced analytics, RPA, ML, AI or leveraging existing systems. Our delivery methodology is agile so that business value can be realised quickly.
  • For large-scale automation projects we can help create a Centre of Excellence and an Automation Operating Model

Technology and Robotics

Our Services include:

  • RPA Development
  • BOT Managed Services
  • Ticketing tool implementation
  • SharePoint / Office 365
Andrew McBean
Partner - Business Process Outsourcing
Andrew McBean