Our solutions are comprehensive and grounded in technical depth, industry insights and innovative approaches. We point out real risks and opportunities, upsides and potential traps. We have deep experience with accounting issues and application and conversions of GAAP and IFRS standards , as well as implementation of accounting changes. Our team leverages deep industry knowledge and experience to deliver clear and practical solutions to address your complex accounting and financial reporting issues. Our team supports organisations understand and apply complex accounting rules and standards. We help organisations make informed decisions, improve the quality of their financial reporting, and ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations.


Some of the key areas where our services can be valuable include:

  • Accounting standards - Providing guidance on the interpretation and application of financial reporting standards, such Thai GAAP, IFRS or T-IFRS.
  • Consolidation across large groups – Accurately and quickly consolidating accounts is an indicator of strong governance. This reflects well on the brand and stock price of the company. But this is not always easy to do. We can provide services to speed up this process and ensure a high degree of accuracy.
  • Complex transactions - Advising on the accounting treatment of complex transactions, such as business combinations, joint ventures, and debt and equity instruments.
  • Revenue recognition - Providing guidance on revenue recognition policies and accounting for revenue under various revenue recognition models.
  • Business combinations - Advising on the accounting for mergers and acquisitions, including purchase price allocation and post-acquisition integration
  • Shared Service Centre (SSC) consulting – whether you are forming your own SSC or outsourcing your finance and accounting, we can help with critical transition services or help to improve processes within your SSC to help streamline these and increase accuracy of reporting.
  • Work Instructions – We can document your entire F&A processes in granular detail using specialised interviewing techniques and software. We will ensure your F&A processes have accurate and detailed documentation, leaving you less reliant in staff leaving with key knowledge.

Technical Accounting Solutions

Our Services include:

  • GAAP conversion
  • IFRS conversion
  • Dissolution accounting
  • Quantum support
  • Financial Reporting
  • Consolidation services
  • Finance Transformation
Andrew McBean
Partner - Business Process Outsourcing
Andrew McBean