We help clients to identify, understand, and effectively manage their risks to strengthen resilience and strike an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities.

In the dynamic world with unprecedented events, it is imperative that organizations balance their risks, controls while capturing the opportunities in order to not only survive the turbulence, but also thriving for the future using sound risk-informed strategic choices. At Grant Thornton Thailand, we offer a wide range of services to help clients navigate the increasingly complex risk environment and changing regulatory landscape by helping them to identify, understand and effectively manage their risks across the organisation.

We also offer an integrated experienced team, bringing in resources and support from our global network, where required, to bring clients the optimal team with comprehensive skills and industry depth to promote effective and efficient program execution while innovating delivery through the deployment of data analytics and relevant tools.

  • Outsourced and co-sourced internal audit

For outsourced internal audit service, we provide tailored, flexible and cost-effective solutions, providing access to industry best practices, value-adding insights and subject matter resources. We help clients to perform risk assessments, develop internal audit plans and perform end-to-end internal audit activities from planning, execution to reporting, including reporting of results to management and the audit and risk committee.

For co-sourced internal audit, we understand that each organisation is unique and has different resource requirements. With the flexibility of modelling our approach around your business, our co-sourcing solution helps organisations in need to fill a specific skill gap or require a resource subject matter specialist to provide the necessary skills and experience to carry out internal audit work while training in-house internal audit staff.

  • Internal Controls assessment and compliance

Robust internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, and internal control assessment in accordance with Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are a sound business practice for organisations. We partner and collaborate with process owners and stakeholders to help evaluate and navigate these environments to build a more robust control environment. For process-level, we assist process owners to develop process documentation and evaluate control design and operating effectiveness and co-develop recommendations to improve control activities.

  • IT internal audit

Our IT audit solutions are designed for clients seeking to address a variety of information system requirements to align with regulations and/or industry best practice. We collaborate with management and key stakeholders in organizations to identify business and technology risks and evaluate sufficiency of existing controls and enhance information technology system and security for both IT general control and application control levels.  

  • Quality Assurance Review (QAR)

We assist organisations to assess the effectiveness of their internal audit function/ department in providing assurance to the senior management, aligning with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (“IIA Standards”) and benchmarking against industry leading practices and comparable peers.

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

A robust ERM framework will be able to drive corporate governance while the business scale to greater heights. We help organisations develop policies, framework and risk appetite statements covering key risks and corresponding controls across the organisation, allowing the risks to be managed and monitored effectively. Moreover, we could facilitate your risk management program through risk-awareness training, workshops with senior management for risk evaluation and mitigations plan in order to develop the risk profiles on both corporate and departmental levels. 

  • IA Transformation service

With collaboration between Business Risk Service (BRS) and Business Consulting (BC), we walk the client through transformation of internal audit function/department to enhance and broaden the values delivered to the senior management. We not only review how effective IA function is doing, but also the efficiency of the internal audit process. Moreover, BC could help the auditees resolve the audit issues in the manner that the internal controls and processes are lean.

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Sittichai Choosupanasorn
Sittichai Choosupanasorn
Sittichai Choosupanasorn
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