Interim executives are fixed-term-contract employees. Grant Thornton's specialist Executive Recruitment team can help you meet your interim executive needs.

Interim executives are also known as fixed-term-contract-employees. They are employed by our clients in much the same way as permanent staff but for a fixed period only. An interim executive position is also a great way of getting back into work after a period of unemployment. Many people looking for permanent employment will take a role on a temporary basis and may get offered a permanent position by the organisation if the employer feels they need to keep the role on.

The interim executive is a highly skilled, seasoned manager who is available for assignments of any duration, to either lend specialised expertise to a strategic project or to fill a mission-critical skills gap.

Interim or contract roles tend to be for a set period of time, typically several months, and tend to be more for experienced professionals with niche skills who have to hit the ground running, to take control of a project or cover long-term leave.

With more than 10 years in the search business, many clients and candidates have praised our service.

Grant Thornton is duly licensed by the Ministry of Labour and is authorised to provide employment services under the Ministerial Regulations of the Employment and Job Seeker Protection Act B.E. 2528 (1985).

As part of our interview process, we may also carry out:

  • Psychometric assessment
  • General intelligence assessments
  • Candidate background checks
Ratna Wright
Partner - Business Consulting
Ratna Wright