You may be in another job already but are willing to consider a career move should the right position at the right company become available.

Or you may be interested in an interim executive position, also known as part-time or a fixed-term-contract-executive.

The interim executive is a highly skilled, seasoned manager who is available for assignments of any duration, to either lend specialised expertise to a strategic project or to fill a mission-critical skills gap. Interim or contract roles tend to be for a set period of time, typically several months, and tend to be more for experienced professionals with niche skills who have to hit the ground running. Interim executives are also known as fixed-term-contract-employees. They are employed by our clients in much the same way as permanent staff but for a fixed period only.

To submit your resume or CV, please click the "Submit Resume" button above. But to ensure you’re on the right track to new job opportunities, whether permanent or interim, please continue reading what happens after you click "Submit Resume".

To complete the registration when submitting your resume, first choose a position code for the type of position you are interested in. If you are filing your resume for future job opportunities, please choose 000: For future opportunities. Fill in your name and email address, choose the Job Type (permanent, interim, or both), complete the other few fields required and then upload your personal resume. All that's left now is to click the "Submit Resume" button and your personal resume will be on its way to our candidate relationship management and tracking system.

We use the most modern software technology so your resume will be stored directly in our candidate tracking system under the type of business and function you chose when filling out the registration. You alone will choose the categories that determine where your resume is filed in the tracking system. Being registered under the right type of business and function is essential if you want a chance to get on a list of candidates when a recruitment company is searching their systems for qualified people. Recruitment companies usually delegate this registration task to junior clerks, so taking charge yourself will eliminate any risk of your details ending up in the wrong place.

You should know that recruiters don't find jobs for people – they find people for jobs. Our consultants will be in touch with you only when we have an opportunity that matches your professional background. Use the links above to read why headhunters only want to meet you when they have a particular job for which you may be a potential candidate and how to avoid the disappointment and frustration when you can't get through to the executive recruiter.

Ratna Wright
Partner - Business Consulting
Ratna Wright