Our Process

Our approach may at first appear similar to most executive search and selection companies; but what sets us apart is the ability to leverage the knowledge of our contacts in the client's industry to ensure we reach the widest selection of candidates on our clients behalf, and as a result, deliver the best available choice.

Our process consists of a needs analysis, development and implementation of a catchment strategy, the screening and interview process, assessment, personal analysis by a third party, an English test, employment offer presentation, salary negotiation, preparation of a letter of employment, resignation guidance, reference taking, and a pre-employment medical check up.

Our fivefold recruitment strategy comprises:

  • Diagnosis – In order to achieve the results you’re seeking, we need to complete the same level of due diligence at the beginning of the process as we will need to do when we evaluate potentially qualified candidates. The analysis needs to determine a realistic assignment brief and total campaign strategy.
  • Executive Search – To us, search is not about cold, unsolicited approaches (headhunting). In conjunction with our clients, we will identify a target list of companies and individuals and then devise a "path of contacts" using personal referral and networking to gain credible access to these targets.
  • Networking – We invest a great deal of time and energy in ensuring we always have a large pool of talent to quickly dip into.
  • Candidate Relationship Management – We contact those candidates known to us who meet the criteria set and including those we know may be seeking a new appointment.
  • Assessment – Our meetings with candidates take hours and the face-to-face interview is just one of several steps. We also use psychometric assessments like Work Behavior Inventory, extended reference checking including candidate background investigation. 

Our service is also very useful to overseas companies who may be unaware of local customs and culture but wish to successfully establish a base in Thailand.

Interview Techniques

The hot topic in today's recruiting world is behavioral interviewing, also called competency-based interviewing, which focuses on past behavior and performance.

The basic idea is that we prompt or press the candidate to recall and describe, sometimes in excruciating detail, real life incidents that provide evidence of a skill or experience relevant to the new job. We also dig deep into motivational factors to determine the candidate's job and company fit. Our interviews typically last around two hours per candidate.

Ratna Wright
Partner - Business Consulting
Ratna Wright