The simple fact is that inefficient corporate structures cost you money.

In our experience, companies and organisations can lose thousands of dollars each year in dealing with redundant corporate entities and trying to negotiate complex internal structures.

Grant Thornton’s experienced advisors can help you streamline your company structure through a Corporate Simplification Program. Our focus is on helping you find the right structure to cut costs, boost efficiency and achieve business benefits.

Our process

Our Corporate Simplification Program commences with a comprehensive review of your corporate structure. We can help you remove entities to reduce cost, improve corporate governance and transparency, and reduce the risk exposure of directors.

For instance, we’ve had good success dissolving inactive companies that no longer serve a useful purpose.

We also apply a risk-based evaluation of your operations, identifying and addressing areas where transparency and efficiency could be improved and unnecessary costs avoided.

As a firm, we are fiercely independent. We’ll give you well-researched and authoritative advice to help enhance your operations.

Delivering results

Our clients have enjoyed substantial benefits from our Corporate Simplification program, including:

  • eliminating recurring and ineffective corporate governance expenditure and identifying tax benefits
  • reducing the risk of corporate governance failures
  • freeing up senior management by reducing the time spent dealing with corporate governance issues regarding redundant entities

In our experience, companies can recover their simplification costs within 12 to 15 months when multiple inactive companies are being dissolved simultaneously.

Ian Pascoe
CEO and Managing Partner
Ian Pascoe