It is a familiar enough scenario: A company suddenly has an urgent need for personnel on a short term, project basis to do accounting or accounting-related work. Considering the short-term nature of the work, it becomes very difficult to find interested candidates. Moreover, companies do not need just anybody, but people with sufficient technical accounting skills.


We have a pool of skilled accounting specialists who can fill the gap for companies in such situations. We offer Staff Augmentation services where our staff, under the direction and supervision of the company’s officers, perform accounting and accounting-related work. We have a long list of clients that have benefited from our assistance with the following activities:


  • Migration from one accounting system to another accounting system
  • Bank reconciliation for several bank accounts that have not been reconciled for years
  • Data cleansing, such as reconciliation of balances in subsidiary ledgers of receivables and payables with the general ledger balances
  • Physical counts of inventories and reconciling the results of the physical count with the accounting records
  • Count of property and equipment; tagging and reconciliation of the count with the accounting records; and properly setting up the property ledgers
  • Preparation of schedules and documentary supports and requirements during audits by internal and external parties, including government agencies
  • Preparation of statements of accounts for certain customers
  • Acting as accounting personnel while regular accounting staff are on leave


This is just a sampling of the services we offer, and we can provide more short-term accounting services on short notice. We can adjust the schedules of our people to fit your work hours and we guarantee high-quality service: Our team is made up of technically competent and properly trained people who are prepared to handle your needs.

Staff Augmentation

Our services include:

  • Attrition management
  • Special projects
  • Temporary leave replacement
  • Staff level to C-Suite
  • Support for all finance functions
  • Short to long term engagements
Andrew McBean
Partner - Business Process Outsourcing
Andrew McBean