Selling or buying a business? Looking to meet tax obligations? Going public?

Whatever you’re up to, knowing the value of the company - and maximising that value - are critical to success. 

Typical scenarios where a valuation is relevant include:

  • Acquisition 
  • Business restructures 
  • Business sales or mergers 
  • Financial reporting 
  • Fund management 
  • Investment analysis 
  • Management buy-out or buy-in 
  • Net asset valuations 
  • Other tax compliance such as capital gains and stamp duty
  • Public takeover 
  • Related party transactions 
  • Shareholder disputes 
  • Tax consolidation.

Our valuation expertise is also important during:


Our valuation expertise is also important during disputes. Our financial consulting, litigation support and expert testimony can help resolve disputes in your favour. We can also help you launch legal action, develop a case strategy, negotiate a settlement, prepare an expert report, or gather financial evidence to support testimony at trial. 

Financial reporting

Transparent, timely and accurate financial reporting is the hallmark of companies that satisfy auditors and other regulators. Our technical accounting and valuation knowledge can play a key role here.

Intellectual property

We create, protect and maximise the value of trademarks, brand names, know-how, customer lists, patents and licences.

Tax valuation

Valuing assets accurately is critical to effective tax planning.

Transactional analysis

Every major transaction is unique, whether it’s a merger, acquisition, distribution, liquidation, re-organisation, spin-off, takeover or taxable sale of stock or assets. It demands an adaptable, knowledgeable expert at your side to ensure sound valuations.

Net asset valuations

We use our extensive expertise on a wide range of asset classes in global jurisdictions to assist investment managers with their periodical Net Asset Valuation reporting.

Our team also guides companies with global interests via our ties with the Grant Thornton International network in over130 countries around the world.

Adulpol Charukesnunt
Director - Corporate Finance
Adulpol Charukesnunt