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CYBER SECURITY Ransomware: not new and could happen to you
Though ransomware is not new in the cybersecurity space, its implications can have substantial impact on businesses.
Human capital development Investing in the organisation’s most important asset
Investing in human capital development drives growth as it improves the collective skill, knowledge, and capacity of the organisation’s employees.
AUDIT Auditing less complex entities, challenges and opportunities
International Standards on Auditing are often difficult to apply to less complex entities. The IAASB is considering possible solutions.
BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTION Harnessing the power of technology for better supply chain and logistics management
Companies must respond to evolving consumer expectations and demands with better supply chain and logistics management. Technology is the solution.
Insight All businesses are people businesses
‘Presenteeism’ (the art of being at work but not working) happens in many businesses – it may very well be happening in yours right now.
SUSTAINABILITY Corporate Sustainability in Action
Teams from Grant Thornton’s Singapore and Thailand firms recently planted 10,000 mangroves as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility.
TAX AND LEGAL RCEP Confirmed: The Formation of Asia Pacific’s Largest Regional Trade Bloc
This article examines the RCEP trade agreement as it stands in late 2019, while also comparing it to the CPTPP agreement.
IBR Report Thailand's optimism declines in H2 2019, but the path forward is clear
As a new and unpredictable decade dawns, the business world looks forward with its optimism largely intact, according to Grant Thornton’s latest International
BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTION Moving forward with Finance function
A strong finance function can drive innovation and proactively influence real-time strategic decision making, while its commercial insight helps broaden