Saranya Akharamahaphanit Director Bangkok +66 2 205 8222


Saranya joined Grant Thornton Thailand since 2005. With her growth minded attitude, she has proven to be a specialist in her field with a detailed knowledge of all audit and assurance processes. She is an expert on the Grant Thornton methodology and technology, utilising it well to carry out audit services and adding value to client businesses.

Recognising that mistakes in audit work have many effects, Saranya has a fantastic eye for detail and never fails to gain good feedback from her clients. The work she produces is always done to the best standard possible and has continually met quality control guidelines.

Saranya has a thorough understanding of Thai Standards on Auditing, International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Often looked to for support and advice, Saranya prides herself on keeping an up-to-date knowledge of audit rules and regulations. If she comes across new or unfamiliar information or situations, she quickly acquaints herself with that knowledge, storing it away for future reference. Her commitment to the firm, the growth of her clients and her personal goals contribute to Saranya’s glowing reputation as an audit professional. 

As an instrumental member in a new professional support team, Saranya has excellent interpersonal skills. She keeps a positive outlook and vigilantly maintains her own knowledge in order to better help others achieve their objectives. She is also involved in the continuing education and training of all assurance staff.


  • Certified Public Accountant (Thailand)  
  • Member of CPA examination subcommittee under the FAP