We’ve all seen it: Companies coasting on past successes, telling themselves that they’ll start to push ahead in earnest once the economy gets better, and treading water in the meantime by focusing on modest incremental improvements in the products and services of which they used to be pioneers.

They will have their reasons, and most will sound perfectly sensible when expressed and explained. But businesses should be extremely wary of all attempts to rationalise inaction, or deliver excuses rather than results. If an organisation’s key obstacles are not being aggressively addressed, the deeper problem is usually a lack of internal direction or urgency. Both of these are failures of leadership.


Igniting the engine of business

Executive leadership sets the tone for the entire company. There is ample reason to seek out and promote leaders from within the organisation — such leaders have already built relationships and credibility with their teams, while the dangling carrot of a potential promotion encourages hard work among the rank and file — but such solutions are not always realistic given the talent at hand.

Moreover, employees who rise organically to the top of the company have no prior experience at that level, and may indeed be better suited to the positions where they had already shown such high levels of competence. Amid these concerns, it is worth bearing in mind that the cost of putting the wrong person in an important executive role can be significant indeed.

In many cases, a well-conducted executive search by an independent recruiting team represents the ideal way forward. A professional executive search draws from a much broader talent pool than the one that exists within any single company, targeting proven competence while also utilising a range of advanced assessments to ensure cultural and personality-based compatibility with the organisation they will be joining.

Once the new executive is inside the company, new AI-powered engagement tools can monitor employee sentiment and help to keep employees at all levels highly engaged in their work. But these and other details depend on the recruiter’s ability to bring in the right executives for each organisation. Let us therefore review how executives are selected by professional firms.


Identifying and recruiting the right leaders

Our team of experienced headhunters has the resources and connections to evaluate the qualifications of large groups of potential candidates for leadership and management positions that are difficult to fill, all at a moment’s notice. After this initial filtering process, we assess the cultural compatibility of remaining candidates, as well as their work histories and references. We also check their compensation expectations, current locations, and other indicators of compatibility with the target organisation.

In-depth interviews, conducted by our expert team, provide further insight into each candidate’s abilities, approach to their leadership role, and their expectations. In many cases, our review process also includes psychometric assessment to gain an even more detailed picture of the candidate and how well they would likely fit into their new company.


Once the ideal candidate has been mutually identified and selected, our role extends to facilitating the negotiation of a fair and competitive compensation package. Additionally, we assist in drafting the employment contract, ensuring all terms are clear and mutually agreed upon. This sets the stage for a seamless onboarding process at the candidate's new organisation, supporting a smooth transition that benefits all parties involved. Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to not only fill the position but also ensure a successful integration into the company’s culture and operations.


Clearing away the distractions

The process of sourcing, selecting, and hiring a new company leader is an intricate one, with many steps that require considerable attention to detail. Our experienced team of consultants will dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s, letting clients keep their focus where it is truly needed.

We also help leaders maintain high levels of performance through executive coaching and other tailored services that keep both talent and company happy, thereby also improving retention over the long term. These initiatives are made possible through our own experience across industries, as well as the relationships we build with CEOs, MDs, Senior Leaders and HR departments at our client organisations.

In cases where the client wants to replace an existing executive, our team at Grant Thornton can help them navigate their legal obligations around exit strategy and other important issues.


Accessing a world of talent

Our team brings decades of experience helping companies find the ideal leadership candidate when their internal recruitment efforts fail to produce the desired results. Our services are also ideal for multinationals in the process of setting up a new office in Thailand.

Some businesses seek the expertise needed to manage growth responsibly. Others are looking for a spark that will animate already-talented teams toward inspired progress. Whatever the situation, our experienced headhunters deliver results — not excuses. Contact Grant Thornton in Thailand today to get started.