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Market Mapping: An Essential Strategy for Recruiting Success

Ratna Wright Ratna Wright

Businesses on the lookout for new talent have their work cut out for them. They must be aware of exactly the types of skills they will need in the near-to-medium-term future. This knowledge in turn requires an understanding of the changing business climate, technological advances, and market expectations.

But in order to have a clear look at which way the wind is blowing, it is necessary to know what your competitors are up to – which involves tracking their own new hires as a window into their upcoming strategies for growth. All of this research should come before even beginning the search for new candidates. Finding the necessary talent and then carrying out interviews, background checks and negotiations all comes later, and presents an entirely new set of challenges.

Fortunately a new approach to recruitment is available, which includes a bird’s eye view of the talent pool in your sector. Market Mapping lets you monitor new developments in your market, including actions taken by your competitors. It offers a detailed look at the talent pool for your sector, identifying key candidates for each of your positions and tracking your competitors’ new hires.

Market Mapping provides a thorough, intelligence-based overview of talent availability in your industry, including potential candidates who are not actively searching for new positions. The database is not limited to skill-based metrics, but rather also takes into account the personality types of relevant candidates, and how well they are likely to fit in with your own company’s culture.

The process begins when we gain an understanding of your organisation’s current situation, and its need to seek out new talent. We study the operations of your business, as well as your values, challenges, and goals. We then cross-reference this information with an extensive talent search, utilising dozens of sources in order to identify potential candidates suitable for your available positions.

The resulting list of candidates is then subjected to further research in order to identify those with the greatest experience, most relevant skillsets, and personal characteristics that best match your company’s own needs. We then produce a longlist of high-potential candidates for your review, complete with current position and contact information, radically simplifying your recruitment effort.

It is important to note that each of these tasks can be performed on an ongoing basis, even before a position opens on your team. The research value alone can help your organisation plan ahead, by providing a glimpse of the types of talent currently available. The additional benefit of keeping tabs on your competitors can also alert you to new developments in corporate strategy and talent procurement.

When it comes time to begin searching for new candidates to add to your team, you will have a prepared list of plenty of suitable choices already in front of you. And given the advantages of deep market awareness, you will have the ability to act strategically from a position of greater knowledge.

By reducing uncertainty at every step of the process, Market Mapping can help your organisation decide exactly what it needs, and when. This clear orientation, combined with a well-researched list of candidates to approach, can help you identify, interview, and hire the right candidate quickly. Rather than staying a step behind new developments in your industry, Market Mapping can help put you at the forefront – with a team that is specially selected for the goals you set out to achieve.