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Grant Thornton Thailand cordially invites you to a highly interactive workshop on hyperautomation.

A recent Mckinsey study, showcased that COVID accelerated the digital adoption across the enterprise from 18 to 43 times faster than the expected time.

Businesses thought they had 454 days to prepare for working from home but, it took just 10.5 days. Changing customer needs/expectations raced from 511 to 21.3 days. And none of these are springing back. Therefore, the solutions to these supercharged digital trends have also accelerated exponentially, particularly hyperautomation. A recent IDC study taken across Asia Pacific Japan, revealed that automation drove a 76% increase in productivity, efficiency, and collaboration, 69% improved accuracy, 67% improved cost savings and 58% enhanced customer experience and engagement. 

In the workshop, we will discuss:

  • The compelling case for automation
  • Practical use cases and benefits of automation in various departments
  • The benefits of extending automation with ML and AI
  • The hype and reality of AI and Generative AI, like ChatGPT
  • Common deployment and scaling challenges and how to solve them

The two workshop facilitators have a combined 55 years of experience in Technology:

  • Andrew McBean is Partner for Business Process Solutions at Grant Thornton in Thailand, joining from the world’s largest Robotic Process Automation company, UiPath. Previously Andrew was SVP for Business and Strategy at dtac, and 10 years at Microsoft including 6 years as a General Manager. Last year he earned a certificate in Strategic Capabilities for Technological Innovation from the UK and another in Manufacture Materials Design.
  • Pranav Kaushik is Partner for Grant Thornton’s dGTL business in India. There he helps clients with their digital transformation journeys. Prior to that Pranav worked for KPMG for over 7 years driving their RPA, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence business. He has certifications on Blockchain from INSEAD and Machine Learning from Stanford University.

Aimed at CXO’s and business leaders you are invited to share your experiences, ask questions and network with fellow professionals about successfully deploying and scaling this must-have technology. As places are limited, we will come back to you soon to confirm your choice of date and time can be accommodated.

Please RSVP here to secure your seat.