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In a world shaped by COVID-19, agility differentiates the winners from everybody else. Here we describe the concrete steps that Grant Thornton has taken – and
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Businesses need a clear plan of action to regain momentum in a COVID-19 world. Here we present six recommendations to help you embrace agility and business
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Strategy, loans, and formal protection can help businesses adapt to the new normal under COVID-19 – leading to a far more successful overall recovery.
BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTION Reorienting digital strategy for the COVID-19 recovery phase
To take full advantage of the recovery phase, businesses must focus their digital strategy, digital transformation, digital supply chains, remote work, online
LEADING YOUR BUSINESS IN A TIME OF CRISIS How to make the most of technology for COVID-19 recovery: 3 key moves for business leaders
New technology will be an essential component of COVID-19 recovery, but effective leaders must also empower their people.
AUDIT Accounting for change: How COVID-19 affects TFRS 15
Entities must consider the implications of TFRS 15 when accounting for revenue generated from contracts with customers during COVID-19.
TAX AND LEGAL Thailand’s Immigration Dilemma
Thailand’s visa rules create major inconveniences for certain categories of foreigners. As a provider of Thai business advisory services, we explore these
TAX AND LEGAL CPTPP – Thailand puts on the brakes yet again
The Ministry of Commerce recently withdrew its endorsement of Thailand joining the CPTPP over concerns that the trade deal may harm farmers.
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The office of the future may have already arrived, thanks to COVID-19. But what should organisations expect when their employees get used to working from home?