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Grant Thornton commends TTCT on producing first Thai winner of the Tour of Friendship open category

Grant Thornton in Thailand is a proud sponsor of the Thailand Triathlon and Cycling Team (TTCT) – a dynamic partnership that shares both a growth mind-set and never-give-up attitude. Once again, the TTCT has done Grant Thornton proud by competing in the open category of the Tour of Friendship R1 2016.

Held over Bangkok, Ratchaburi and Kanchanaburi provinces between 30 April 2016 and 4 May 2016, the Tour of Friendship is a well-organised event devoted to the love of cycling and connecting cyclists from all over the world. The race is broken up into five stages: stage one, a 7km time trial; stage two, a flat 120km; stage three, the main mountain stage of 130km; stage four, a rolling hills stage of 102km; and the final stage, a 90km dash to the finish line.

All of the TTCT competitors placed well throughout the five stages and managed to maintain a steady position within the top athletes in the race. This resulted in one of the team members, Khun Wanawat Klaitthong, aka Go, taking out the top general classification position and becoming the first Thai national to win the open category in the Tour of Friendship, a massive achievement for Khun Go and the TTCT.

Erwann Mahe, one of the TTCT members to compete in the Tour of Friendship and Red Planet Chief Operating Officer, commented, “Our teamwork really paid off and the whole team was rewarded by this victory. Our team proved their high potential and that they are now ready for the next step – a team and structure that will develop them into high-level athletes and support them through their career. What an experience for our team, but also what a great adventure!”

Grant Thornton is delighted to partner with the TTCT and to continue to support promising and dynamic young athletes as they grow from strength to strength.

The TTCT helps its members to develop, improve and perform to the best of their abilities throughout the various races attended. If you’re looking for a structured organisation, a team with racing spirit, an environment to always improve your performance and push you to your limits, please visit

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