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Grant Thornton's Response to COVID-19 Situation

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation continues to evolve, both here in Thailand and around the world, we wanted to update you on the approach we are taking to this unprecedented and uncertain situation. These precautionary measures are focused on the safety of our staff, our interaction with members of your organisation and good business continuity planning.

We believe the situation should be taken seriously and that we should prepare and plan for different scenarios. In addition, the consequent economic environment that is being forecast will place additional pressures and uncertainty on business and communities alike. The question is whether it will be short-lived or prolonged.

Grant Thornton has taken the following actions:-

  • We increased our Senior Leadership Team meetings to daily to review the latest advice and trends both here in Thailand and globally. This team is in charge of overseeing all developments related to the outbreak. 
  • We are closely monitoring and following governmental advice guidelines as well as drawing on the knowledge and experience of the global Grant Thornton network. In common with many others, we are encouraging general rules such as social distancing, regularly sanitising hands, health monitoring and increasing the cleaning schedules in our offices.
  • Our colleagues working on client premises are complying to the standards set by those clients balanced by our own.
  • Colleagues that develop any of the identified symptoms are being asked to self-isolate straight away and seek medical attention only returning to work once certified safe to do so.
  • International travel for business purposes has been suspended for all but exceptional circumstances.
  • Personal travel for work colleagues and their families is monitored internally and if they travel to any medium or high-risk countries ​our work colleagues must immediately isolate themselves and work from home for 14 days only returning to work if they show no symptoms.
  • We are asking all colleagues to increase the use of video conferencing for both international and home meetings, internal and client, to reduce face to face contact.
  • We have finalised and tested our work from home strategy: either on a rotating week basis of two teams or on a permanent basis should the need arise. Colleagues have been instructed on the use of our remote working technologies and the need for increased communication.

Our approach is to manage the situation in a calm, balanced and responsible way, however, when required we will act swiftly and communicate clearly. We would ask that visitors to our offices support our approach. Please also let us know of any specific requirements you have put in place should they impact Grant Thornton colleagues working from your offices.

Turning now to the economic environment and the uncertainty that lies ahead. We realise many organisations will be adversely impacted and face challenges not experienced before. Once you have set in motion plans to protect your people thoughts will naturally turn to the health of the organisation. Building on one of our long term values of being a true business partner in both the good times and the bad we are here to support, advise and reassure should the need arise.

In conclusion, we are keen to communicate clearly with Clients, Colleagues and Friends of Grant Thornton. We would like to assure you that we are reacting in a responsible, composed and measured manner.

- ends -

Further enquiries, please contact:

Panittaya Changchit

Director, Marketing Communications
and Business Development

T  02 205 8240

Piyasuda Archasantisuk

Manager, Marketing Communications
and Business Development

T 02 205 8238

Responding to Coronavirus COVID-19

The Coronavirus COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and the advice to businesses on how to respond is constantly being updated.

While there may be some industries that are more directly impacted by the virus – including health and aged care, education and tourism – with international travel and trade suspended, and no way to predict how many people may contract the virus, all industries will face issues around supply chain, workforce and cash flow.

With specialists across business risk, business continuity, workforce, tax, compliance, supply chain and restructuring, we are here to help. This may be an assessment of your risk and cash flow, identifying alternative suppliers, or preparation for meetings with suppliers, banks or the related government agency to access additional support or extensions.

Learn more about how you can navigate the impacts of COVID-19 here.

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