Through extensive research across many organisations, the WBI has been proven to:

  • Be reliable – WBI scales have markedly higher reliabilities than those typically found in personality tests (WBI has a median reliability of .85 vs. a median of .75 for personality tests)
  • Be valid – the WBI scales have been shown to be valid for measuring their underlying constructs
  • Correlate with the Big Five – WBI scales are grouped according to research evidence on the “Big Five” personality factors. All personality inventories MUST show correlation with these or they are not considered to be objective predictors of personality.

Big Five Personality Factors

  1. Extraversion – characterized  by a preference for sociability, energy, influence, and a desire to lead others
  2. Agreeableness – characterized by concern and consideration for others, politeness and tact
  3. Openness to Experience – characterized by a preference for change, continuous learning, innovation, analytical approaches and making difficult decisions
  4. Conscientiousness – divided into achievement, striving (goal setting, initiative, results orientation) and dependability (attention to detail, rule following, responsibility)
  5. Emotional Stability – characterized by thoughtful consideration before action, not losing one’s temper, resilience to stress and setbacks, confidence in one’s abilities and future chances for success.

WBI is relevant to work settings

The WBI has these key features of relevance to work settings:

  • Job Relevant – it has been specifically designed for work settings; all items and scales are relevant to the world of work
  • Wide range of jobs – it is appropriate for employees at entry-level to senior executive jobs and in any work setting
  • Easy to complete – respondents indicate the extent to which behaviors are descriptive of themselves on a five-point scale. The average time to complete this is 30-45 minutes
  • Highly sophisticated measures of response distortion – it uses leading-edge tools to identify whether individuals are providing accurate self descriptions.
Thailand leader Ratna Wright