Psychometric assessments identify superior employees

Hiring people with the “right stuff” and matching an employee’s characteristics to work requirements are two of the most important decisions that organisations make.  Making the wrong decisions can cost thousands of dollars in training, reduced productivity, and missed business opportunities.

Identifying the work behaviors, or work styles of individuals is key to effective employee selection and development. Research has shown that for many types of jobs, the work styles of employees are far more important than cognitive ability or even proven successful prior experience. But, how do you determine whether individuals have the right work styles for your jobs?

At Grant Thornton, to achieve this we use the Work Behavior Inventory (WBI) and Selling Styles Inventory (SSI). To find out more about these tools, click on the links below.

Proven effectiveness of the WBI

Validation studies have shown that the WBI is effective in:

  • Identifying individuals who may be technically suited to the job but are a poor fit with the work environment, company culture or team
  • Identifying the behavioral styles of executives that are effective in leading large organisations
  • Identifying individuals that may effectively make the transition from an individual contributor role to a management role
  • Identifying individuals that will be effective in selling products or concepts.
Thailand leader Ratna Wright