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When the headhunter calls you

So the headhunter called you? The way we all link up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other business and social network, it was just a matter of time before you too got the call. But now what? Most headhunters appreciate that you don't play hard to get.

Why headhunters don't return your call

I do apologise if I am just stating the obvious, but trust me, most people have no clue about how executive search firms work. And why should they. You can imagine the surprise and increased frustration that grew inside me, when I realised that headhunters didn't want to talk to me when I called.

You only have 6 seconds

Use the KISS technique to write a brilliant resume You may be in another job already but wish to consider a career move should the right position at the right company become available. Or you may not be working at the moment, what we call in-between-jobs. In whatever case, you will need to register your interest by submitting a resume.

Do not disqualify yourself in the resume

Is there enough margin and white space in my resume? For the purpose of introducing yourself to a prospective employer, but even more important to get you an interview, you need to consider carefully how you present yourself on two or max three A4 pages, the personal resume.

Become smarter on your resume

How not to write your resume The resume only has one function: to get you an interview. It is not the place to tell the story of your life, and it is not the place to comment on what you think about the investment climate in Thailand.

What's the problem with my resume

Do's and Don'ts for the perfect resume Considering that the HR department or the Executive Recruitment consultant will use only about 20 seconds to read each resume, you will understand the importance of quickly pointing to your strengths related to the job you apply for. You need to catch the immediate interest of the reader within that very short moment.

Tips on how to write your resume

The purpose is to get you an interview. Just that.. You need to present your skills and experience in the best possible way and then stress why you fit the job. You need to impress the reader, whether the HR department or a recruitment company, so do not keep the best to last.

The perfect standard resume

Names, numbers and other details are pure fictional and only intended to serve as an example of how you can write the perfect resume.

The perfect modern resume

Names, numbers and other details are pure fictional and only intended to serve as an example of how you can write the perfect resume.