As today’s organisations grow in size and complexity, processes that were once successful often become cumbersome and inefficient. Processes become dependent on people’s knowledge of how they work rather than responding to the changing needs of the organisation.

To maintain growth, organisations must remain flexible, agile and profitable. This requires continuous improvement across the enterprise to support the evolving needs of the business.

You must respond not only to the rapid pace of technology innovation, but also to the evolving needs of customers and stakeholders. You need to understand how to get more from your limited resources — people, processes and technology. We help you optimize processes by leveraging technology as a business tool and considering impact to your people — all to help achieve your growth goals and reduce risk.

Our approach to process improvement:

  • Business-driven: focused on aligning technology and processes with the desired business outcomes, both current and future states, while creating efficiencies and reducing costs.
  • Focused on results: delivering quick wins and prioritizing to deliver measurable results to the bottom line.
  • Industry-driven: rooted in best practices to improve the competitive advantage in your industry, including financial services, health care, not-for-profit, manufacturing and life sciences.
  • Risk-mitigation: understanding the role of processes and controls in reducing overall risk and driving transparency for key business stakeholders.

Our process improvement services are designed to help organisations that want to enhance profitability and align resources to achieve growth.

  • Process redesign: Improve organisational processes related to IT, finance, customer and supply chain with a comprehensive assessment focused on driving out inefficiencies, redundancies and costs.
  • Profitability improvement: Improve profitability as well as support profitability programs that are already deployed across the enterprise. The approach includes focusing first on creating efficiencies and improving productivity. Next, we deliver world-class performance reporting solutions to help organisations execute effective planning, budgeting and forecasting programs using tools and information to make meaningful decisions.
  • Supply chain visibility: Provide insight into the entire supply chain to reduce risk, improve performance and identify opportunities for improvement and cost reduction, including vendor assessments, strategic sourcing, spend management, sustainability and corporate responsibility, ongoing monitoring, and business intelligence around supply chain operations.

From Business Transformation to Benefits Realisation

Ratna Wright
Partner - Business Consulting
Ratna Wright