With constant changes in taxation systems, payroll is one of the most challenging responsibilities a company faces each year. Managing personnel commitments can also be time consuming.

Comprehensive payroll management solutions include:

  • Payroll processing and calculation of all notional pay/benefit in kind (BIK)
  • Calculation of tax, social security, provident fund and other statutory deductions
  • Electronic payment of salaries direct to employees
  • Ensuring on-going and year end compliance with revenue requirements
  • Regular updates on important payroll related dates
  • Co-ordination of cross-jurisdiction payrolls with your local Grant Thornton firms
  • Provision of appropriate payroll reports and analysis in various formats
  • Prompt response to all queries and complete confidentiality.

Additional personnel services:

  • Creating or auditing company regulations, including remuneration or work regulations, internal statutes and social benefits fund regulations
  • Auditing personnel files
  • Payroll audit
  • E-file – set-up or maintenance of scanned personal documents, stored in electronic format on separate highly secured servers
  • E-holiday system with access for all employees.

Outsourced personnel administration includes:

  • Maintenance and administration of paper employee personnel files and the database of employee personal data
  • Tracking employee holidays, determining holiday entitlement, limits and recording other absences
  • Monitoring duration of expiring employment contracts, validity of regular health checks and occupational health and safety training courses
  • Issuing employment certificates (PND 91 or equivalent).

How Grant Thornton can help

  • We can support you in reducing your administrative costs
  • Grant Thornton will ensure that security and confidentiality issues are dealt with.

Totem Payroll is a complete payroll solution featuring:

  • Cloud Hosted
  • Full Government reporting
  • Mobile App for Staff
  • Accurate, Fast and Secure
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Leave Management
  • Handles bonus, commission, provident funds, deductions and allowances
  • Reimbursements, Benefits and OT Management
  • Attendance Management