This can be the basis for many business decisions; only those with clearly structured numbers and a good overview of their business can identify weaknesses and opportunities early enough and react to developments.

Finance & accounting outsourcing solutions:

  • In house/on-site accounting, compliant with local accounting acts (IFRS, GAAP etc.)
  • Financial statements compliant with local accounting acts
  • Tax returns, statements for social insurance, national banks or general statistical office
  • Management reports
  • Accounting supervision
  • Replacement accounting staff
  • Accounting record review for past reporting periods
  • Adaptation of finance systems
  • Financial administration and analysis
  • Business address rental
  • Accounting process design and organisation as well as effectiveness measurement
  • Invoice issuing and credit collection
  • Cash requests and supplier payment management
  • Customer/supplier help desk
  • Handling fiscal and tax inspections and chartered auditors for account books and registers
  • Reporting preparation, archiving and maintenance of hardcopy and/or electronic account books and registers.

How Grant Thornton can help

  • We can support you in your bookkeeping, payroll calculation and accountancy and tax reporting obligations. We can also advise on management accounting and organisation of accounting-related processes
  • Our support to you involves designing the accounting organisation in order to adjust record-keeping and reporting to your requirements, while striving to increase the effectiveness of the accounting function within your business
  • We can support you preparing your financial accounting or prepare it for you.