The goal of the transformation is to facilitate your business operations by exploiting our expertise in organisation and management. These services involve outsourcing all the duties of the accounting and finance departments.

Shared Service Centre (SSC) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

  • Accounting process and procedure transformation and design, as well as record- keeping taking into account a client’s nationwide and/or international business environment
  • Recording large numbers of business transactions in accounting books
  • Settlements in business transactions and cash flow reporting
  • Accounting and management reporting
  • Tax accounting (income tax, indirect tax and others)
  • Payroll administration
  • HR administration
  • IT process organisation (workflow, scanning, archiving)
  • Feasibility studies of the selected processes
  • Other supplementary services, upon request (supply chain services).

The key stages of transformation include:

  • Analysis and description of the department prior to transformation
  • Accounting process reengineering
  • Project management including change management
  • Application of best practices based on international knowledge on the organisation of accounting and finance departments
  • Developing project documentation, monitoring and self-improvement
  • Selection and monitoring of resources, particularly in terms of personnel, IT, premises.

How Grant Thornton can help

  • We can help you decide which processes could be most usefully outsourced
  • We can provide organisational and process-oriented advice to take the responsibility out of task management
  • Provide solutions to help you optimise your business operations within the scope of the accounting function
  • Improve efficiency and lower costs to your business.