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Arisa has diverse experiences in the supply chain management, productivity improvement, process simplification and training development. Her study was related to statistics, probability, modelling and data analytics. Apart from that, logistic are also areas in her interest.


  • Was a Project Management Office (PMO) to Siam Steel implementation from back office to front operation.

  • Worked directly with other team members and clients to schedule and plan meetings to allow for planning and updates throughout the course of a project.

  • Assisted in interviewing and assessing client business operations to identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Developed policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to meet client's needs in order to enhance their operation and business performance.

  • Intelligent integrated sales and operations planning by setting service level agreement between two departments.

  • Initiate Kaizens projects and steps to implementing kaizen as part of project’s standard operations.

  • Redesign procurement process in levelling inventory management and define re-order point (ROP).

  • Analyzed documents needed for production as well as ensure that daily production requirements are achieved to meet customer expectations.

  • Reorganise structure based on organization human resource planning (OHRP).

  • Assign suitable number of people in each position in main functions across the whole firm.

  • SG&A Reduction by analysing data and propose the best solution to the client.

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