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Arak joined Grant Thornton in 2014. A young audit and assurance professional, he brings enthusiasm as well as experience to his work.

Thriving on challenges and more and more responsibility, Arak has enjoyed progressively developing his career. He became a Certified Public Accountant at just 26 years old. With his growth mind-set and knowledge of audit and assurance practices, he is always looking for opportunities to develop himself and his clients.

Recognising that quality is of the utmost importance, Arak continually maintains his audit and assurance knowledge in order to focus on his clients by making the things that are important to them important to him.


  • Arak is an expert in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as well as International Financial Reporting Standards. A dedicated and dynamic professional, he familiarises himself with his clients’ businesses in order to provide a quality service.

  • Arak has experience with big and small international and local companies, and has worked with a number of listed and non-listed companies. In a rigorously regulated environment, he has a detailed understanding of how to best serve his clients as well as the ability to adapt to different work environments at short notice.

  • In addition to his breadth of knowledge and experience, Arak has proven to be a valuable team player that is not afraid to consult with other team members or senior management if need be, his main priority is always meeting client needs.

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