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Thailand leader

Tanva Mahitivanichcha


Whether your business is just starting up, undergoing reorganisation or expanding globally, our dedicated tax team is available to provide personalised assistance at the level and capability that you require.

Our knowledge and experience demonstrates our competence to assist you not only with your tax and legal issues but also your everyday business concerns. We can help and advise at all stages of your business and its supply chain, regardless of the nature of your business. Grant Thornton has dedicated industry specialists that understand your business and its related issues. This includes tax attorneys, Certified Public Accountants and tax accountants. Our team recognises the key issues that need to be addressed and will give you a viable and practical solution to resolve your problems.

Thailand’s tax and legal system is not particularly complex, unlike many others around the world. In many cases the Thai tax and legal system lacks the intricacies that taxpayers need in order to be effectively guided in their day-to-day operations, whether they’re engaging in local or cross-border business. This enables the tax and other government officers a broader leverage to interpret laws and regulations subjectively and with a varying degree of consistency. With our capable tax team we are able to assist you to manage a wide range of domestic tax and related legal obligations and to then successfully respond to the broad discretion of the government authorities. When applicable, we can ensure that our clients maximise the tax incentives that are generously offered by the government.

With the constant change in tax policy-making trends and the increasing collaboration between and among governments including Thailand, our tax team keeps abreast with these international tax developments. This is evidenced by the recent adoption by the OECD and the G20 of the “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” (BEPS) action plan. As a member of Grant Thornton International we are well situated to take advantage of the far-reaching network of tax and legal specialists in the GT global family.  This ensures that your business is able to navigate within various tax environments.