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We do not sell resumes - we deliver candidates

Grant Thornton's executive recruitment team is at the top of the local recruitment market. As a multi-specialist we focus on strategic recruitment of positions where leadership and management skills are required. We do not sell resumes - we deliver candidates. We do not shop on job boards and the internet - we hunt people. Our approach to client service is therefore different and we do not accept taking short cuts with regards to best hiring practice for the sake of expediency.

The Executive Recruitment division is headed by Partner and long time Thai resident Mr. Tom Sorensen. The Executive Recruitment team is made up of a number of support staff and a group of senior consultants who have all been managers prior to joining Grant Thornton Thailand.

With more than 10 years in the search business, many clients and candidates have praised our service.  Their endorsements say it all.

Some Recent Completed Assignments in Thailand

  • HR Manager and General Affairs: Manufacturing specialist in gold jewellery of all types featuring diamonds and gemstones
  • Operations Manager: Packaging material and advanced label manufacturing
  • Personal Assistant / Secretary to Group CEO: Global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, energy, healthcare, industry and Infrastructure
  • Finance Controller: World leader in differentiated solutions against wear to mines, cement, coal power stations
  • Finance Director: Heavy industry / manufacturing
  • Vice President Logistics & Distribution: Thailand's number 1 distribution and logistics network for pharmaceutical companies
  • HR General Manager: Global shipping and logistics solutions provider
  • Country Manager: Multi-national manufacturer and distributor of a range of vitamin, mineral, and nutritional supplements
  • Sales and Marketing Manager: One of Japan's largest companies in furniture manufacturing and distribution
  • Human Resources Director: Technical manufacturing and specialty chemicals
  • Vice President Quality: One of the world's top 3 jewelry manufacturers and retailers
  • Security and Investigation Manager: One of the world's top 3 jewelry manufacturers and retailers
  • General Manager - Logistics: European based logistics and freight forwarding empire providing 3PL logistics service
  • Managing Director: European manufacturer and leader in industrial filtration technology B2B
  • Human Resources Manager: Japanese and a world leader group of companies in electronics

Executive Recruitment Blog by Tom Sorensen, Partner, Grant Thornton

If you are into the world of recruitment, as either a user of executive search and recruitment services, or as a candidate who wants to be on the headhunter's radar, don't miss Tom's Executive Recruitment Blog, right here. Among the many subjects you can find on the blog: boring job descriptions scare away top performers, does your company use a licensed recruiter, candidates think you are doing a miserable job when interviewing, The Recruitment Catch 22.

Executive Selection

Grant Thornton's unique brand of Premium Headhunting is a true headhunting activity - compared to checking names in a data base - and involves an A to Z management of the entire recruitment process. Call it Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). We manage the recruiting and hiring process from creating an Employee Value Proposition to the on-boarding of the new hire. It consists of needs analysis, development and implementation of a catchment strategy, the screening and interview process, assessment, personal analysis by a third party, English test, employment offer presentation, salary negotiation, preparing letter of employment, resignation guidance, references taking and pre-employment medical check up.

Our service is also very useful to overseas companies establishing a base in Thailand for the first time and are unaware of local customs and culture.

Our Process

The Recruitment Strategy is fivefold:

  • Diagnosis - Objective and critical analysis of recruitment needs to determine a realistic assignment brief and total campaign strategy.
  • Executive Search - To us, Search is not about cold, unsolicited approaches (headhunting). In conjunction with our clients, we will identify a target list of companies and individuals and then devise a "path of contacts" using personal referral and networking to gain credible access to these targets.
  • Networking - We invest heavily in time and energy to ensure we always have a large pool of talent we can quickly dip into.
  • Candidate Tracking System - Contact those candidates known to us who are seeking a new appointment and meet the criteria set.
  • Assessment - Our meetings with candidates take hours and the face-to-face interview is just one of several steps. We also use psychometric assessments like Work Behavior Inventory and the general intelligence tool Applied Reasoning Test.

Our approach may at first not seem different to most Executive Search and Selection companies; but what sets us apart is the ability to leverage the knowledge of our contacts in your industry to ensure we reach the widest selection of candidates on our clients' behalf and as a result, deliver the best available choice.

Interview Technique

The hot topic in today's recruiting world is behavioral interviewing, which is a powerful tool. Behavioral interviewing, also called competency-based interviewing, focuses on past behaviour and performance.

The basic idea is that we prompt or press the candidate to recall and describe in sometimes excruciating details real life incidents that provide evidence of a skill or experience relevant to the new job. We also dig deep into motivational factors to determine job- and company fit in your organization. Our interviews typically last 2 hours per candidate.

Candidate Background Investigation

Careful screening of potential employees can prevent unpleasant and expensive surprises. Our investigators can assist in that screening process by conducting background investigation checks that your own staff may not have the required expertise to do themselves. More details are available on this web site, continue to this page.

Psychometric Testing

Identifying the work behaviors, or work styles, of individuals is key to effective employee selection and development. Research has shown that for many types of jobs, the work styles of employees are far more important than cognitive ability or even proven successful prior experience. But, how do you determine whether individuals have the right work styles for your jobs? How do you assess general intelligence? More details are available on this web site, continue to this page.

Licensed to Recruit?

The recruitment industry in Thailand is regulated by Ministry of Labour through Ministerial Regulations of the Employment and Job Seeker Protection Act B.E. 2528 (1985). The act was at the time made to protect Thai workers who worked overseas through job agencies. Today, any person or company must obtain a license before engaging in the business of brokering employment, recruitment or executive search. Licensed recruiters are monitored by the Ministry's labour inspectors and provide the parties with a protection under the law.

Grant Thornton is duly licensed by the Ministry of Labour and is authorised to provide employment services under the Ministerial Regulations of the Employment and Job Seeker Protection Act B.E. 2528 (1985).

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